8 Best Linux Blogs for beginners to follow

Best Linux Blogs

Before listing out the best linux blogs, I’m going to shorten some useful thing about linux.

What is Linux?

Just like other Operating Systems (such as Windows, Mac OS, Android) Linux is a Operating System that manages communication between Hardware and Software. It is an Open Source OS which is most reliable, fast and secure.

Why we should use Linux?

  • Linux is virus free, so you can forget about virus.
  • Linux is freeware OS, so you no need to pay single penny on installing Linux in your Computer.
  • It is Open Source, (i.e) you have full authority on any system files on Linux.
  • Linux is faster – Due to some flaws other OS will become slower day by day but linux wont.
  • No back doors in your softwares.
  • Linux allows dual boot – If you want to try Linux without doing any damages to Windows, yes! you can do it by installing Linux side by side with windows.

There are several linux-distro such as Archi Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, Mint, Mageia, Manjaro, openSUSE & Kali Linux.

Every beginners would find difficult to start with Linux, I’m going to list out some best linux blogs which will helpful for beginners to learn stuffs about linux, if you’re already using linux these blogs will keep you updated.

1) TheGeekStuff

The Geek Stuff is an amazing linux blog started by Ramesh Natarajan which covers How-tos, troubleshooting, tips and tricks on linux and open sources. They provide several free ebooks about Linux and Hacks. In addition to Linux he also provides several articles about Databases (such as MySQL, Oracle), Hardwares, Security, Web Design, Software Development etc.

2) Cyberciti

Cyber citi is an oldest linux blog also know as nixCraft. Cyber citi covers Linux tips, Hacks, Tutorials and Ideas in blogging. This would be helpful blog for beginners they provide basic linux commands, several tutorials, how-tos and tutorials on linux shell scripting. There topic also covers

  • Enterprise Linux distributions.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security and firewalls.
  • Desktop Linux
  • Apple OS X Unix operating systems.
  • Best practices for the sysadmin and many more.
3) LinuxG

Linux G articles starts with basic stuffs like how to install and basic commands. Linux G was started in 2012 by a Romanian blogger. It also a blog which would be helpful for beginners who are lagging in startups.

4) Linoxide

Linoxide is an another great blog for Linux and Open Sources. The articles in the Linoxide are well mannered with detailed steps and tutorials which is easy for you to understand.

5) Tecmint

Tecmint is also one of the old Linux blog, the blog looks well designed and articles are nicely categorized. It is a professional blog maintained well. In addition to Linux Tecmint provides programming knowledge, Interview Questions, Techie News etc.

6) Unixmen

Unixmen is a professional well know linux blog. Which articles only about Linux, Unix and Open sources. Unix men also provide Ask Unixmen, any doubts regarding Linux will be cleared by professionals.

7) NoobsLab

Noobslab is not just a blog it is a collection of Tutorials and Ebooks with high standards. It as great collection of articles easy to learn and implement. They also provide huge collection linux themes in there PPA for terminal installation.

8) Xmodulo

Xmodulo is a coolest blog I have ever seen, It is maintained by one-fellow named Dan Nanni, He provides lot of installation steps and tutorials about linux and open source software.


These are the best linux blogs suggested by me and I regularly followed, there are also several other linux blogs which you can learn and follow. If you feel any other blogs better than listed above you can mention them in comment box that might be helpful for others.

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