How to activate YouTube hidden dark mode on Google Chrome

YouTube Hidden Dark mode

G’day mate!
Nice to see you all. This topic is about activating youtube hidden dark mode.
Did you ever thought of using youtube in a dark mode?
Surprised right!

Here comes the solution for every YouTube users.
It has been found that YouTube has been hiding a dark mode.

Here’s How to Enable it in chrome browser:

YouTube Hidden Dark mode


Goto Google chrome and search for YouTube.


Press F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I, now developer tools will get opened.


Goto console tab and paste the below given command,


YouTube hidden dark mode


  • Now refresh the page and Click on Your YouTube profile image.
  • You will get an option below as Dark mode:off.


Turn Dark Mode to on and you will be surprised to see that your youtube now has dark mode enabled.

Keep Rocking. Guys!

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