How to Create Simple Cartoon Effect Photoshop

Cartoon Effect Photoshop

Hello Geeks, Everyone loves to turn their photos into cartoons and there are several apps available on playstore to achieve cartoon effect, but they are not effective. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create simple cartoon effect photoshop using some filters, plugins and brush work.

Resource Needed:

Note: Before we start the tutorial make sure you have downloaded and installed Topaz Labz Plugin. Well, I’ll create tutorials about topaz labz plugin later.

I found this cute kid from pixabay photos

Original Image

Final Effect

Final Effect

Final Effect

Lets get started!

Step 1: Add Poster Edges Filter

Open your image into photoshop. Hit cmd/ctrl + Z to duplicate the background layer.

Ctrl + Z

Duplicate Layer

Go up to the Filter menu bar and choose Filter Gallery and Choose Poster Edges.

Filter > Filter Gallery > Poster Edges

Filter Option

Now adjust the poster edges values accordingly Edge Thickness should be high, Posterization to 4 and Edge Intensity low. Make sure there is no much noise on the image by adjusting Edge Intensity value. Finally when it is done hit OK

Edge Thickness -> 9

Edge Intensity -> 1

Posterization -> 4


Step 2: Add Topaz Clean Effect

Now goto the filter menu bar and navigate through Topaz Labs and Click Topaz Clean. A Topaz Clean dialog box will appear.

Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz Clean


Click Flat Style option from left bar.


Now from the Clean right tab Increase the value of Strength to 8 , Threshold value to 1.23 and Radius to 15 and Hit OK at the bottom right corner.

Strength -> 8

Threshold -> 1.23

Radius -> 15


Step 3: Remove unwanted black dots/noises

Grab the Spot Healing Brush Tool by hitting “J” or by selecting it from tool box Spot Healing Brush, Then begin spot healing on the image to remove unwanted black dots and/noises.


Step 4: Add Vibrance and Saturation Effect

Navigate through the Adjustments Tab and select vibrance effect and adjust vibrance value to +50.


Vibrance -> +50


Now select the Hue/Saturation effect from the same Adjustments Tab and slightly increase it value until you satisfy.

Saturation -> +23


Final Step:

Right click on background image and select Flatten Images option. And Finally save the image in any format you want.

Final Effect

The Final Cartoon Effect

That’s it we have the final result. This is the simple and easiest step to create cartoon effect in photoshop. Now its your time to post them on social media.  😛

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.  🙂

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