How to Setup Free SSL Cloudflare For Your Website

setup free ssl cloudflare

Before we start setup free SSL Cloudflare, You should know What is Cloudflare and Why we should enable it on our website.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare works like Content Delivery Network (CDN). It secures and boost’s your website by acting as a proxy server between your visitors and server, which delivers the content of your website from closest located server, therefore speeds up your website loading time.


SSL Cloudflare
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Why we should enable Cloudflare on our website?

  • To Speed Up Your Website

    Cloudflare minifies the Javascript, CSS (i.e) Reduces the file size of your website saving page load time. They also offers features like Rocket Loader and premium features like Railgun, Polish etc.

  • Protect Your Site from DDoS attack

    Security is the major issue in internet world. Cloudflare offers a great facility to save your website from attackers. It protects your site from DDoS attack, Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Spam Bot Crawl and many more.

  • Manage Caching

    One of the best feature in cloudflare is Caching. It caches all the static contents in your website. Javascripts, CSS, Images are the best example for static contents which is cached through cloudflare network, therefore it increases page load and saves your bandwidth upto 60%.

  • Save Bandwidth

    Many premium hostings offers unlimited bandwidth, but still few hostings offers only limited bandwidth. Therefore Cloudflare helps you to save bandwidth by filtering spam bots that crawls your site.

  • Inbuilt Analytics

    Cloudflare contains Inbuilt Analytics which helps you to track visitors around the globe.

  • To Setup Free SSL Coudflare

    The best reason why I love Cloudflare is, it offers free SSL (Https). My website is Https enabled which is powered by cloudflare. Advantage of Https is all data’s are transfered through secured protocol.

Setup free SSL Cloudflare for your website

SSL ensures your site security, so any data transfered between your server and visitors are encrypted and secured. Let us learn how to Setup free SSL Cloudflare for your website.

Step 1: Create an account

Visit and create an account. Verify your email address and login to to cloudflare

Step 2: Add your website

On top right corner the page you could see +Add Site button, click it on next page enter your domain name ( and press begin scan.

cloudflare scan

When scanning has completed click continue setup button. On next page select the cloudflare plan according to your needs and continue.

cloudflare plans

Now cloudflare will ask you to update your existing domain NameServer with cloudflare NameServer. Go to your domain registrar and update the NameServer. Finally hit continue.

Cloudflare DNS

If everthing went right, next page would be overview, where you can see summary of your domain.

Cloudflare overview

Step 3: Creating Page Rules

On menu bar go to Crypto and select SSL as Flexible.

Now go to Page Rules on menu bar and hit Create Page Rule button, a popup modal will appear asking you to create page rule for your domain.

Click +Add Settings and select  ‘Always Use HTTPS‘. Enter your domain name as http://** or follow the following image.

Page Rules

asterisk (*) used here is a wild card. 1st asterisk is to add https to all sub domains and 2nd asterisk is to add https to all pages.

Finally hit Save and Deploy.

That’s it, now you can access your webpage through secure SSL (Https) ex: If you have any questions or queries write on the comment box below.

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