Things You Need to Know Before Rooting Android Device

Hello Readers, You would have heard the word Rooting Android device from internet or from friends and you will be eager to know about it.

What is rooting and things you need to know before rooting an Android Device.

Rooting means giving yourself a root permission to your devices. You can manage or terminate any files on your device with full privileged control over it, rooting your android device will give similar access to superuser permission, so basically you can do something which your phone doesn’t allows you to do. (i.e) older android device won’t allow you to screen captureso most android users will root their android devices to install third party screen capturing apps.

Note: You will loose your device warranty when you root your android phone. Only few Chinese brands like oneplus gives warranty even if you root your android phone.

Advantages of Rooting Android Device

  • Flash a Custom ROMs.
  • Unlock Special Features.
  • Flash Custom Kernels.
  • Features to remove ads.
  • Install Incompatible/Special Apps.
  • Increase Battery Life and Speed up your device.

Flash a Custom ROMs

Custom ROM is just like a android OS which is developed by some other persons. Using Custom ROMs we make more changes and do more stuffs on  android device. Most custom ROMs nowadays come with the ability to install applications to the SD card.

Unlock Special Features

Once you have rooted your device you can unlock special features like Automating Everything and Back up your phone.

Flash Custom Kernels

The kernel is responsible your apps communicate with the hardware of your phone such as Wifi tethering, Fast battery charging etc.

Feature to remove ads

Many android apps will have ads which is also consuming our mobile data, these ads can also be removed by rooting the device which saves the data.

Install Incompatible/Special Apps

Android device won’t allows you to install Incompatible/Special apps such as Fake GPS, Lucky Patcher etc. Rooting the device will give full access to these special apps and use it ultimately. As these special apps can directly deal with the Android system files, they can tweak your Android in more extensive ways.

Increase Battery Life and Speed up your device

You can Increase Battery Life and Speed up your device with rooting as well as without rooting. You can overclock your phone with better performance with the help of app like SetCPU.

Is Rooting is illegal?

No, Rooting is not illegal but only problem is that your warranty will be loosed. Even top android phones like Google’s Nexus smartphones allow you to root the device with their permission, so it isn’t illegal.

Can we Unroot Android device?

Yes we could unroot android device. Unrooting means removing your root access just by going super user settings and clicking on full unroot options and also there are other ways to unroot the device.

And now you may raise question “After unrooting my device, the device warranty will be applicable?” No absolutely not! once you rooted your android device the warranty will be lost for ever.


We don’t appreciate rooting, if you think rooting the android device just to run special apps and custom ROMs, then go ahead if not don’t root your device it might spoil your device or warranty.

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